During six powerful days, our leadership, alumni, Mothers of Lone soldiers, and for the first time, Fathers of Lone Soldiers, supported our Israeli sisters and brothers and their families with love, strength, and action. Each day focused on a relevant Jewish value including Mutual Responsibility & Redeeming Captives, Taking Action, Faithfulness & Trust, Resilience, and more.

In the immediate aftermath of 10/7, Momentum organized and led Unity Missions with 138 Jewish mothers and fathers from around the world to stand in solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.

Participants connected with Israelis impacted by the atrocities of October 7; gave back to soldiers, their partners, and displaced families on a massive scale; met with VIP speakers, including government officials and families of hostages; reflected on and processed this ongoing trauma; and built much-needed connections with diverse Jews from around the globe.


  • Visits to southern communities ravaged by massacres
  • Tours of the government and nonprofit institutions protecting and providing for Israelis
  • Volunteer opportunities with evacuated families and IDF soldiers
  • Opportunities to meet with and advocate for families of hostages
  • Spiritual inspiration from Momentum educators and guest speakers
  • Plans to take action back home

Momentum Unity Missions Videos

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Mission 1
Nov. 14-Nov. 19, 2023


Mission 2
Nov. 28-Dec. 3, 2023


Mother to Mother Israel Unity Mission
Novenber 14, 2024