The MOMentum
Yearlong Journey

Before our world changed on October 7, the MOMentum Yearlong Journey was poised to welcome more Jewish individuals in one year than ever before. The MOMentum Yearlong Journey is an immersive experience that empowers women to connect to Jewish values, engage with Israel, and take action in their homes and communities, all while fostering unity without uniformity. It includes a profound, personal eight-day experience in Israel – during which women explore our shared homeland, take in inspiring Jewish wisdom, and join a global sisterhood – and continues with a year of Jewish learning and growth.

Following October 7, the MOMentum Trip to Israel paused while Momentum mobilized Unity Missions to Israel. We’re proud that Momentum was one of the first tour organizations to return to Israel after the terror attacks, and we look forward to resuming MOMentum Trips to Israel in 2024.

A Snapshot of Our Momentum Trip
To Israel

During each day of our invigorating journey,
we explore one of our Core Jewish Values.

Peace & Wholeness
In the Home

Shalom Bayit


Hakarat Hatov

Human Dignity

Kevod Habriyot

Unity & Mutual Responsibility

Achdut v’Areyvut


Chesed v’Tzdakah


Azut De’kedusha

Learning & Growth

Limud v’Hitlamdut

Faithfulness & Trust


Measuring Our Impact

For ongoing evaluation, Momentum engages an external firm, Evaluate for Impact, and partners with the Israel Ministry for Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism. We surveyed participants prior to their trip to Israel, three months post-trip (for 2023 trips) and one year post-trip (for 2022 trips).




Strongly agree or agree that Momentum helps connect them and their family to Jewish life

Say their Momentum experience has enabled them to bring more meaning to their Jewish practice

Feel extremely or very connected to the land of Israel




Strongly agree or agree that the post-trip learning sessions help them to further their Jewish journeys

Find ways to help their children connect to Jewish values

Strongly agree or agree that the Year of Growth book is helping them to further their Jewish journeys

*This data is from participants surveyed 3 months following the 2023 Momentum trips to Israel.

How We Do It





Covered by the Momentum Scholarship, funded through donations and contributions

Covered by Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs

Covered by the local Partner Organization

If you have a child 18 and under, my best advice is to grab the opportunity and go on the MOMentum Yearlong Journey! Momentum empowers you and fills your soul, it’s cathartic and inspires you to be a better version of yourself. It gives you a greater understanding of Judaism, gratitude, and parenting. It makes you proud to be a part of Israel, and along the way you develop amazing friendships with women from your home and around the world.

Juli Matusoff Skusky, Wilmette, IL

Since 2014, Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs has partnered with Momentum to bring women to Israel. It is deeply invested in Momentum’s vision that women can and will positively transform the world through Jewish values.

Momentum is a leader in the Israel Educational Travel Alliance (IETA), a collective of immersive Israel experience organizations hosted by Jewish Federations of North America. The IETA – upon whose steering committee Momentum CEO Ben Pery sits – acts as a voice for participants and providers, works to establish standards for safe travel, and innovates in this growing field. In 2023, IETA hosted three leadership trips to Israel.