Israel’s “lone soldiers,” who move to Israel to serve in the Israel Defense Forces, require extra strength, determination, and love – and so do their families back home. In partnership with Nefesh B’Nefesh, Momentum welcomes mothers of these brave young adults on a profound eight-day journey.

Together, these “mothers in arms” connect with themselves, each other, and Israeli mothers, as they soak up Jewish values, wisdom, and learning – all against the beautiful backdrop of the land their children now call home.



This has changed my life. I feel very much more connected to my daughter in Israel, and Israel in general. I have become determined to learn Hebrew and have re-entered the work force as a teacher, hoping to save money for another trip to Israel. I felt so connected to the wonderful women on the Mothers of Lone Soldiers trip.

Trip Participant Mothers of Lone Soldiers trip.

As a result of their Momentum experience, Mothers of Lone Soldiers shared with us that they either extremely / very much agree with extremely / very agree with the following statements:


feel proud of my child’s decision to serve Israel


feel more connected to my child who is serving in Israel


understand the importance of defending the land and people of Israel


feel encouraged that Momentum, as an organization, supports Mothers of Lone Soldiers